MAMT||Museo Mediterraneo dell' Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (EN)

At the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples there was the conference "Water, Public Benefit" organized by the UCID - Christian Union of Business Executives - with the collaboration of FareAmbiente Campania.
During the meeting presented by the lawyer Antonio Tosi - former Director General of the ARPAC - coordinated and moderated by the lawyer Pasquale D’Errico - Provincial Secretary of the UCID - the “Daga” bill was examined after a comparison with several voices with reflections on the prospects for application.
After greeting the address of the president of the Chamber of Commerce Ciro Fiola, the president Michele Capasso has carried out a report on the state of the water resource to world level, proposing again the UN-UNESCO report presented in the Museum of Peace - MAMT on the occasion of the "World Water Day".
On this occasion he presented the next WORLD PEACE FORUM which will have a special focus on water.
During a meeting with the Hon. Federica Daga, President Capasso underlined the need to consider water as a primary asset with all the necessary actions and legislative actions.