Kimiyya ||Le Donne Attrici del Dialogo (EN)

The meeting of the Steering Committee of the ALF Inter-network action took place in Naples from 12 to 16 July 2017, “KĪMIYYA. WOMEN ACTRESS OF DIALOGUE ", coordinated by Fondazione Mediterraneo, Head of the Italian Network.
On this occasion, in emphasizing the importance of this initiative that will end with the international conference in Naples from 11 to 15 September, with the participation of 42 ALF leaders, the program was drawn up with noticeable initiatives for multiplying the results also in favor of other inter-network projects.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo expressed its satisfaction for this productivemeeting, whichallowed the unprecedented enlargement of the number of participants up to 12 leaders.
The Kīmiyya logo is the work of the artist Molinari, adopted unanimously and deeply appreciated by all members.