Kimiyya ||Le Donne Attrici del Dialogo (EN)

Roberta Santaniello, director of the Campania Region and vice-president of the Campania Regional Assembly of the Democratic Party, signed the appeal of the Mediterranean Foundation for "THE ACTRESSED WOMEN OF THE DIALOGUE" titled "KĪMIYYA".
The program is designed and implemented by the Mediterranean Foundation, in collaboration with 12 national networks of the «Anna Lindh Foundation» (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain France, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Tunisia) and with the main international institutions (UN, European Parliament, Council of Europe, etc.).
WOMAN is the main "promoter" of links between civil societies: by supporting her training, education and access to new tools and new digital technologies, it will be possible to facilitate the implementation of intercultural dialogue in the Euro Mediterranean region and reduce migration and the causes of conflicts.
The name KĪMIYYA was chosen because in the ancient Mediterranean languages ​​(Amharic, Arabic, Greek and other languages) it means "to embrace", "to merge", "to reunite together", "to share", "to amalgamate".
809 are the first signatory women in the world to date, including Nobel laureates, women with government responsibilities, women of culture and science and so on for a long list to which today is added the name of Roberta Santaniello