Don Bosco||The Power of Love

The general Superiora of the institute of Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice (FMA), Mother Yvonne Reungoat, accompanied by the Inspector Suor Maria Rosaria Tagliaferri and proponents of Southern Province of FMA ( coming from southern Italy, Albania and Malta) visited the Museum of Peace – MAMT, welcomed by the president Michele Capasso together with the manager Maria Pia Balducci Molinari.
Mother  Yvonne expressed astonishment and appreciation for a “ unique location which did not imagine the dimentions and the world’s level meaning”
The tour to dedicate sections “ Molinari, sculptor of colors”, “ Voices of Migrant”, “ Mother Teresa di Calcutta”, “ Don Diana”, “Raffaele Capasso” have been especially touching and also the section dedicated to the arabs artists women “ Tearing up the veils”.
A lot of a emotions inside the Mosque, inside the Synagogue and in the rooms dedicated to San Giovanni Paolo ll and San Pio from Petralcina.