Casa del Maghreb Arabo (EN)

A delegation from Fondazione Mediterraneo and the House of the Arab Maghreb joined to Second edition of “HUMAN RIGHTS WORLD FORUM” held in Marrakech, where there is one of the headquarters of Fondazione, based in University Cadi Ayyad.
After Brasil, the Forum has been hosted by Morocco in the aftermath of a long inclusive process.
Joined more than 5.000 participants coming from 94 Countries and gathered to discuss about principal issues and problematic concerning Human Rights and to the obstacles which are still existing in their safeguard and their application: from United Nations to international ONG, from associations to expert from international organs (among them there are also several Nobel Prizes) a huge mobilization had happened and will be remarkable in the safeguard of Human Rights and equality between man and woman.
Workshops, special events, auto organized meeting, mass media characterized an event which had seen 52 thematic forums, 17 special events, 13 internal activities, 13 training ateliers, 32 auto organized activities, 15 cultural events and 1 workshop about the Forum.
“Morocco still discloses to be a leader in the promotion of Human Rights – declared president Michele Capasso –and this event, thanks to the commitment of dear friend Driss El Yazami –it is an important moment will mark the international agenda of the next months, characterized by “Climate Conference” (Paris, 2015), by the Millennium aims and Beijing  + 20 for the equality between men and women and for women’s rights. For Morocco is an important occasion to settle itself as a qualified and active partner in the world debate on Human Rights.”

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