2022 (EN)

President Michele Capasso, the members of the Governing Board and the International Scientific Committee, the representatives of the autonomous Sections and branch offices, express deep sorrow for the death of Raffaele (Dudu) La Capria: with Gerardo Marotta, Claudio Magris, Umberto Eco and many others a founding member of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
In 1989, from the very beginning of the Foundation's activities, a profound collaboration was born based on common ideals and respect for timeless values such as those underlying the "United States of the World."
A unique common heritage made up of initiatives and conferences: the great testimony of the vision of a man, who was able to return Naples to its role as a great capital in History and Life.
President Michele Capasso, who was moved, recalled his brotherly friend Dudu and the many encounters that characterized an unrepeatable path of life.