2022 (EN)

The "Marina di Stabia" - one of the largest and most efficient marinas, geographical centre of the Mediterranean - has welcomed the "Peace Boat" launched in 2009 by the Fondazione Mediterraneo after complex restoration work and recognised by over 160 countries around the world.
Of high political and symbolic significance, the small schooner has a centuries-old history and it is no coincidence that - thanks to the generosity and sensitivity of Giovanni La Mura (patron of Marina di Stabia) - the boat arrived at the site at the very moment when the meetings for a negotiation between Russia and Ukraine began and while the Salesians blessed the boat by recommending it to the Virgin of the Holy Rosary of Pompei, whose Sanctuary is a few kilometres from Marina di Stabia.
With the help and commitment of many, under the direction of Giovanni and Salvatore La Mura, the boat will be refitted after being grounded due to the Covid 19 and the hope is that its first use will be the seal of Peace in Ukraine and Europe.