2021 (EN)

The "United States of the World" promoted the "International Volunteer Day" in various cities on 5 continents:
The president of the Commission "Volunteering and human rights" Giuseppe Lumia stated in his message:
“Modern volunteering is a concrete experience that deeply marks life. Heal ourselves from a thousand evils that often brutalize us: apathy, loneliness, boredom, selfishness, indifference. It also exalts the beautiful virtues that, digging, digging, we all have inside and that we often overlook: proximity, desire to do, gift, gratuity, dedication, altruism, ability to "emerge from difficulties together." Modern and organized volunteering is also the right experience to cure the ills of society which are unfortunately many: hatred, discrimination, violence, wars, inequalities, climate change, but also disengagement towards each other and towards the social and environmental context.
In fact, modern and organized volunteering promotes participation, sharing, planning, fraternity and relationships.
This is why modern and organized volunteering brings into play high democratic and political profiles in a participatory way that wants to remove the causes of the discomfort or marginalization to which we passionately dedicate ourselves.
My teacher and brotherly friend, Luciano Tavazza, has always testified: "not heroes, but citizens". That's no small thing, especially in these troubled times.
I recommend reading two books: "The city of joy", by Dominique Lapierre, whose disappearance we mourn today, and precisely "Not heroes, but citizens", by Luciano Tavazza.
I also remember the link to sign the appeal to the President of the Republic - prepared by the Luciano Tavazza association, connected to the "United States of the World" - to relaunch the role of organized volunteering".