2021 (EN)

The tenth joint meeting of the International Committee and the Council of Ambassadors of the United States of the World took place - partly in presence and partly by "zoom" connection.
Among the topics on the agenda:

  1. The designation of the seat of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD.
  2. The planning of the constituent assembly of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD.
  3. The unresolved issues concerning the institutional seat of the "Pierce Palace".

On point 1, President Ahmed Jebli stressed his satisfaction, after almost thirty years, at having reached the ratification of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD and announced the choice of the "Pierce Palace" as the seat, hoping for the involvement of the Italian Government for the assignment of the entire building of the former "Grand Hotel de Londres" in a short time in order to allow the representatives of the adhering countries.
On point 2, President Capasso announced the organisation of the Constituent Assembly of the United States of the World for the end of May, pending confirmation of the date by the UN Secretary General and other representatives such as the US President.
On point 3, President Ben Achour emphasised the now urgent need to define the pending issues relating to the Naples headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT and the international institutions (to which the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD is added) and concerning the allocation of new spaces, the exclusive use of the access staircase for reasons of security and integrity of the functions, the temporal adjustment of the concessions to the 99 years deliberated by the Campania Region considering that the fundamental condition set by the 43 adhering countries was to have an institutional seat in ownership or for a long period considering the investments to be made and the high institutional representativeness. President Ben Achour and the ambassadors present recalled the Appeal sent in October 2019 still without result and the need - even in this difficult period - for a decisive meeting with Prime Minister Draghi.
The participants thanked Senator Pierferdinando Casini for his support of the "UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD" project