2021 (EN)

"At the centre is the collective interest," said Manfredi at the presentation of the council.
"All united we will sing" was the phrase uttered by Raffaele Capasso when he was appointed Mayor of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio for the first time immediately after the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed the Vesuvian town.
President Michele Capasso recalled this during the joint meeting of the Governing Council and the Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, wishing Mayor Manfredi and his Council every success in their work.
"Hope is strong - said Capasso - because Manfredi has demonstrated concrete skills for the Common Good". President Capasso also illustrated the personalities in the junta chosen by Mayor Gaetano Manfredi, starting with his right-hand woman, 67-year-old Mia Filippone, a retired Latin and Greek teacher and former headmistress of the well-known Neapolitan high schools Genovesi (attended by President Capasso) and Sannazaro: she is delegated to Education and Family. The most delicate delegation, Budget, goes to a technical-political Pier Paolo Baretta, 62 years old, professor of Economic History at the Pontifical Antonianum University in Rome. Another lecturer in Infrastructure and Mobility is Edoardo Cosenza, president of the Order of Engineers of Naples and former councillor for Public Works of the Campania Region. Cosenza was chosen by Manfredi, as was Laura Lieto, 55, holder of the chair of Urbanisation Theory at the Federico II University and now delegated to Urban Planning.
Teresa Armato, 66, journalist, former senator and regional councillor, but also vice-president of the Province of Naples, will be in charge of Tourism. The 44-year-old Chiara Marciani, an expert in the programming of European Funds, former councillor for Training of the Campania Region, will be in charge of Youth and Labour Policies. Social Policies will go to Luca Trapanese, 44 years old, founder of the non-profit organization "A Ruota Libera". Antonio De Iesu, 66, former police chief of Naples and deputy chief of police, will be in charge of security and legality. The provincial president of the PD, 63-year-old Paolo Mancuso, former chief prosecutor in Nola, will be in charge of the environment and the sea. Health and the environment are the responsibilities of Vincenzo Santagada, 63, professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry at the Federico II University, and president of the Order of Pharmacists of Naples. The 49-year-old Emanuela Ferrante, a lawyer and official at the Agenzia delle Entrate, will be in charge of sport and equal opportunities.
"I would like to wish everyone - concluded President Capasso - good work and the total availability of the Foundation (whose headquarters, with the "Totem for Peace" symbol of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD, is in front of the City of Naples) to strengthen and enhance the role of the city of Naples in the Euro-Mediterranean area.