2021 (EN)

The press conference for the presentation of the travelling exhibition "PINO DANIELE ALIVE" was held in the cloister of Santa Caterina a Porta Capuana.
Among those present were the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, Alessandro Daniele (Pino Daniele trust onlus) and Michele Capasso, president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
Among the journalists present were Giorgio Verdelli, Federico Vacalebre, Gianni Valentino and others.
Alessandro Daniele pointed out at the opening that the permanent exhibition is that of the Museum of Peace - MAMT, reminding the minister that it was precisely the agreement between Pino Daniele and Michele Capasso that made possible a unique and unrepeatable section of the Museum.
"This exhibition is something else, it is above all photography and I thank Guido Arari, Mimmo Jodice and the other photographers who have portrayed my father in various eras - said Alessandro - and it aims to bring Pino's music among young people in order to pass on his emotions and feelings".
Minister Franceschini recalled the value of Pino's music, which has distinguished several generations, hoping that Naples could host a high-level international music festival.
With President Capasso, the Minister recalled visits to the Museum and the importance of the World Heritage Site.
President Capasso told some journalists about the upcoming realization of the emotional video of the Museum entitled "Pino is Terramia", heritage of the United States of the World.
During the presentation Enzo Avitabile and the students of the conservatory of Naples and Milan performed.