2021 (EN)

A multi-year memorandum of understanding was signed between the Molinari family and the Fondazione Mediterraneo with which the "MOLINARI HOUSE MUSEUM" in Turin becomes the emotional heritage of the Museum of Peace - MAMT, adding to the network of emotional paths: from PINO DANIELE to the VOICES OF MIGRANTS, from A SEA THREE FAITHS to THE MEDITERRANEAN OF EMOTIONS, from MEMORIES to LEGALITY AND JUSTICE.
The Board of Directors and the International Committee have retraced the main stages of a process that starts from 1997 with the "Totem of Peace" spread in various countries until today with the creation of the United States of the World whose symbol is the "Totem of Peace" by Molinari.

The Foundation will ensure collaboration with the "MOLINARI HOUSE MUSEUM" also for the maintenance of the decor of the building in which it is located.
The building was built by the architect Fenoglio where the Municipality of Turin in 2012 dedicated a plaque to Mario Molinari and, recently, a square to be built in the San Salvario district.