2021 (EN)

The International Scientific Committee of the "United States of the World" has awarded the prestigious "Medal of Honor" to the manager Dr. ROSANNA ROMANO and the officials dedicated to the assistance and monitoring of the project "THE CAMPANIA OF EMOTIONS" co-financed by the ERDF 2014-2020 of the Campania Region, in particular to Dr. ROBERTA SORA and the technical assistance of the "Meridiana-Italy" group represented by Ciro Buccino and Sergio Spatarella.
A work by Egyptian artist Fathi Hassan was presented to the only one present, Dr. Sergio Spatarella - technical assistance of the "Meridiana-Italy" group for "Cultural Enterprises" of the Campania Region.
The award was presented by Councillor Armida Filippelli who emphasized the quality of the project "La Campania delle emozioni" made possible thanks to a choral synergy between all components of the activities including those pertaining to the Campania Region.
Dr. Romano and the other recipients will receive the award at a later date.