2021 (EN)

The Councilor for Education of the Campania Region Prof. Armida Filippelli visited the Museum of Peace MAMT welcomed by the president Michele Capasso and the director Pia Molinari.
“A Museum that projects Naples and Campania into the World: from the Cradle of Western Civilization to the Mediterranean and to the World! For the values ​​of peace, freedom and democracy. I hope that all the students of the world have the opportunity to visit it. Thank you!".
These are the words written on the register of honor by Councilor Armida Filippelli at the end of the long visit to the Museum and after viewing the main emotional paths: from the "Great Mosque" to "Pino Daniele Alive"; from "Ancient Egypt" to "Voices of Migrants"; from the "World Salesian Oratory" to the "Totem of Peace".
Councilor Filippelli expressed a particular heartfelt appreciation for President Michele Capasso who has been promoting dialogue and peace for 30 years by assigning the Campania Region a role of primary importance in this process