2021 (EN)

It was assigned to prof. Corrado Perricone the "Mediterranean Award for Science and Research 2021".
The members of the international juries awarded the Prize to prof. Corrado Perricone - hematologist former member of the Superior Health Council - for his scientific commitment since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic and for the exceptional nature of a long life path that testifies to his rigorous scientific message aimed at safeguarding life human in this difficult moment in the history of humanity. The professor. Perricone was among the authors of the "Appeal for the cooperation of all against Covid 19" proposed by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and by institutions of various countries.
During a ceremony at the Museum of Peace - MAMT they intervened to pay homage to prof. Perricone, the president of the Order of Doctors - Surgeons and Dentists of Naples and the Province prof. Bruno Zuccarelli, colleagues, students and representatives of Mediterranean countries who have been able to save lives thanks also to the indications of prof. Perricone during the pandemic.
The Award had been announced to prof. Perricone on March 25, 2021.