2021 (EN)

The redevelopment of the space located on the ground floor of the Museum of Peace - MAMT, which will host the "THE CAMPANIA OF EMOTIONS" program, co-financed by the Campania Region under the ERDF 2014 - 2020 has been completed (SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 3.3. - ACTION 3.3.2 - CUP B62I18000620007).
The inauguration is scheduled for June 16, 2021.
In 2 immersive rooms, with large video walls and interactive screens, it will be possible to enjoy in high definition 4K and with “Bose” surround sound 36 emotional videos on the great attractions of the Campania Region: from Vesuvius to Paestum; from Cilento to Pompeii; from the Certosa di Padula to Baia; from Herculaneum to Cuma; from Capri to Ischia and Procida; from Naples to Salerno, Benevento Avellino, Caserta; from the Amalfi Coast to the Sorrento Coast; from the Mediterranean diet to the art of the pizza maker.
The videos are available "Online" on 3 youtube channels and on the FB page
The president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo prof. Michele Capasso congratulated the companies "Caiazzo srl", "CNS soc.coop.a r.l.", "Edilromolo" and others for their commitment and collaboration.