2021 (EN)

The Liberation Day was celebrated live with the main Italian locations from the large video wall screens of the Museum of Peace - MAMT.
The journalists present - in compliance with the COVID 19 rules - visited the "Memories" section with the unpublished images of the "Four Days of Naples". In particular, in the diaries of the section dedicated to Raffaele Capasso, the direct testimonies of the protagonists who were responsible for the liberation of the city: among all those of the recently deceased partisan Gennaro Di Paola.
In the message of the National ANPI president Gianfranco Pagliarulo we read:

"We are experiencing a difficult winter for people and for democracy. We are organizing an April 25 of a new spring and active memory: the country will gather around that extraordinary season of hope. We conquered democracy, freedom and social justice, which have never been give once and for all. And it is not enough to defend them; we must expand them every day, as if every day were April 25th ".
In the message of the president of the Mediterranean Foundation Michele Capasso we read:
"The whole of humanity is facing a global challenge. The values ​​of democracy, freedom and social justice can only be defended and disseminated through the constitution of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD: no longer armies armed with deadly missiles and weapons but groups of technicians equipped with research tools to defend us from global enemies: climate change , destruction of creation, pandemics and so on for a long list. In a world of the United States, the distribution of the goods and resources that nature, despite the increase in the global population, continues to offer us sufficiently will come naturally ".