2021 (EN)

The president Michele Capasso and other members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, in compliance with the anti-COVID safety distances, attended the live funeral from the large screens of the Museum of Peace - MAMT.
The United Kingdom said goodbye to Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, who died almost 100 years old on Friday 9 April 2021, after 73 years of living alongside Queen Elizabeth.
The funeral took place privately in St George's Chapel in Windsor: an intimate but solemn ceremony, in compliance with Covid restrictions and the wishes of the deceased. About thirty present and separate seats for the two children of Carlo and Diana, William and Harry. No one in military uniform, distancing and face masks. In church the Queen in the pew alone, in front of the coffin.
In the royal crypt where Prince Philip was buried, in the chapel of St. George, there are the remains of 24 other royalty, including three kings of England, namely George III and his sons George IV and William IV. However, this is unlikely to be the permanent burial for Philip. After the death of Queen Elizabeth IIa, both will be buried in the “Royal Burial Ground”, a cemetery used by the British royal family, which is located on the Frogmore estate, near Windsor Castle.
At the end the notes of the recall to the service of the sailors of the British Royal Navy sealed the conclusion of the funeral of Prince Philip. In the chapel of St. George the bagpipes of a soldier of the Scottish honor troops in kilt also rang, testifying to the love for Scotland - and for the summer residence of Balmoral - that united the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen.
The president Michele Capasso expressed the condolences of the Foundation and its networks to the English royal house, which for over 30 years have established cooperative relationships with the United Kingdom.