2021 (EN)

In this particular historical moment, in which the whole world is involved in what could become a human tragedy - a desperate war against the invisible enemy Covid 19 - the cooperation of all of us is needed.
If for once the humanitarian spirit prevailed over the political-economic power of multinationals, a solution could be found by liberalizing the patents of the vaccine manufacturers, allowing their production on site and encouraging them. To this end, the cooperation of all states for a shared common strategy would be needed. It is not, in fact, a struggle to impose a product on the markets:

the vaccine is not and must not be a commodity.

It is not a question of consumption, speculation is out of the question: to affirm this principle the cooperation of all is necessary and indispensable, in particular to help the weakest.
Efforts must converge on the creation of innovative products of greater efficacy, which give immunity and protection for a sufficiently long time. Alongside rapid production and continuous experimentation, the collaboration of every single individual is necessary.
You cannot fight without defenses, if drugs and vaccines constitute the attack on the enemy, precautions and prudence are the defensive structures.

Social distancing, masks and hand hygiene are necessary bulwarks.
However, these means are not enough to fight the war, as already mentioned:
a decisive strategy is needed, which in medicine is prevention.

Drugs and vaccines have side effects: the fact that these are limited does not mean that they can be ignored.

Adequate prevention is necessary and take into account that:

Vaccines are based on strengthening the immune system and therefore prevention is essential through the study of the normofunctionality of the immune system itself:

  • Specific investigations, such as lymphocyte typing, allow us to globally assess whether we are able to react to Covid 19, if the vaccine is appropriate and which is the most suitable.

The production of blood clots in some subjects, following vaccination, depends on the constitution of their blood: if you are genetically predisposed, the risk increases.

  • Specific investigations can save lives by identifying those suffering from genetic thrombophilia, a hereditary disease predisposing to thrombosis that not everyone knows they have it or is aware of the risks they run.

Study, research, prevention are the tools to be used to get out of the danger of the current pandemic situation, but they are not feasible without awareness of the global danger and, above all, without abandoning common economic and political strategies.