2021 (EN)

Today the 96th anniversary of the birth of Raffaele Capasso and the 68th anniversary of the birth of Massimo Troisi were celebrated at the Museum of Peace - MAMT. Born on the same day 28 years apart. Raffaele smiled when in 1984 he met Massimo for the first time and told him: "We born on February 19th are stubborn but we were born to give our contribution to others".
A common thread unites these two "special" characters born on the slopes of Vesuvius in two neighboring countries (San Sebastiano al Vesuvio and San Giorgio a Cremano): a realistic pessimism and, at the same time, the stubbornness to reach the goal, at any cost.
Raffaele Capasso did it by dedicating his life to rebuild the destroyed town, until the day of his death.
Massimo Troisi did this by reciting in the masterpiece "Il Postino" until a few days before his death, even though he was aware of the weakness of his sick heart.
These anniversaries coincide with the inauguration of President Draghi who concluded his speech to the Italian Parliament yesterday by stating that "Unity is not an option but a duty of all".
Raffaele Capasso coined the motto "Only all united we will sing": where "singing together" meant committing oneself to fight the adversities of life and nature by carrying out a difficult work of reconstruction, transforming what appeared "impossible" into "possible". Massimo Troisi often said that his success was not "individual" but due to a "united team" that has always supported him. It is important, especially for the new generations, not to forget these indispensable examples for building a better future despite the difficult time humanity is going through