2023 (EN)

The Secretary General Michele Capasso, the Council of Ambassadors, the members of the Governing Board, the International Committee, and the heads of the autonomous sections and branch offices express their deep condolences on the passing of Giorgio Napolitano.
A dear friend, Giorgio Napolitano, who always supported our Foundation and was even closer as President of the Italian Republic.
A great pro-European with the awareness that Europe had to transform itself into UNITED STATES OF EUROPE and look at the Mediterranean not as a frontier but as an opportunity for exchanges of knowledge, cultures and know-how.
How can we not remember the discussions on politics "from below", which had to be the foundation of every Party and every aggregation, and his visit in February 2000 to the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo with the late Andrea Geremicca!
And then the singular way in which his election was announced in Algiers: as President of the Republic (see page 23 onwards): https://www.fondazionemediterraneo.org/.../nostro.../01.pdf
Giorgio Napolitano's example will guide us through this difficult time in history.