2023 (EN)

The United States of the World with the Fondazione Mediterraneo participated in the meeting on the theme "Volunteering as a precious asset" organised by "Padua European Capital of Volunteering", a founding member of the United States of the World.
On this occasion, the text of the amendment to the Third Sector Code was presented, an important turning point for voluntary associations that have long had to deal with suffocating bureaucracy. In Padua, advantage was taken of this occasion to take stock of the strategy to prepare the specifications that will be used to present the candidature of these organisations as World Heritage Sites, with the support of the 'United States of the World'.
There was also agreement on the need to establish a network of volunteer associations that looks to Europe and the world and is based on being-doing and being-change, with a more modern approach. Modern volunteering must be an agent of change and can no longer just stand by and watch.