2023 (EN)

The Tricolour waved at the headquarters of the United States of the World and the Fondazione Mediterraneo on the occasion "Italian Republic Day".
The city of Naples celebrated Republic Day with a ceremony in Piazza Plebiscito. Here, in the presence of the Prefect, Claudio Palomba, the Mayor, Gaetano Manfredi, the Secretary General of the United States of the World, Michele Capasso, and the highest civil, religious, and military authorities, the flag-raising ceremony took place.
The event was opened by the Children's Voices Choir of the San Carlo Theatre, which performed famous opera arias.
"We are extremely pleased with the presence of the children," said Prefect Palomba, "this is a celebration above all for them and it was built with this in mind. It is a difficult time for everyone, but we must work for cohesion and cooperation as the President of the Republic, Mattarella, said".
The interforce was deployed in the square and the prefect read out the Head of State's message. "Our city is a gold medal for military valour for the great resistance it put up against Nazi-Fascism," recalled Mayor Manfredi, "and I believe that today is a very beautiful day because it unites a city in great splendour with a city that is increasingly democratically committed.
At the close of the ceremony, the personnel of the Naples provincial fire brigade command, accompanied by the notes of the Hymn of Joy and the Hymn of Mameli performed by the Fanfare of the 10th Campania Carabinieri Regiment and the San Carlo white voices choir, lowered a large Italian flag onto the façade of the Prefecture.
"I very much share the Head of State's words. The great challenges we face are helping our young people to have a better future and reducing the inequalities that hurt our communities. These must be the great battles of all of us to save the Earth and ensure Peace," said Secretary General Capasso at the end of the Republic Day ceremony in Piazza Plebiscito during which the Prefect, Claudio Palomba, read out President Mattarella's message.
Present at the ceremony was Dr. Maria Pia Balducci Molinari, director of the Museum of Peace, where students from various regions were hosted throughout the day while videos and films on the Constitution and the history of the Italian Republic were broadcast on 107 video walls.