2023 (EN)

Silvia Levenson - an internationally renowned glass artist - visited the Museum with a view to the creation of a section dedicated to glass art, in which she promised to participate with one of her significant works.
On this occasion, she signed the 'Kimiyya Manifesto' for the defence of women.
In President Capasso's interview, she stated:
"I was born in Buenos Aires in 1957. I was part of a generation that fought to change a society that seemed terribly unjust. In 1976, when the military took power, I was nineteen years old and in August of that year my daughter Natalia was born. She was the same age as those young people whose biological identity was stolen by the military. With unprecedented cruelty, pregnant prisoners were murdered only after giving birth, while the babies were illegally given for adoption. What happened between 1976 and 1983 changed my life and influenced my artistic work. An important part of my work is to reveal or make visible what is normally hidden or cannot be seen, and I use glass to represent this metaphor. We have always used glass to preserve food and drink, I use glass to preserve the memory of people and objects for future generations."