2020 (EN)

The twenty-second anniversary is dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.
Many students connected to the multimedia portal of the museum where - in the section “The great protagonists of history” - videos, images and documents on the President of the Republic so dear to Italians are available.
President Michele Capasso recalled the friendship between President Ciampi and Predrag Matvejevic' - co-founder of the Fondazione Mediterraneo - and the support given to the institution since the beginning of his presidential term.
The Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Antonio Maccanico has always personally brought the message and the support of President Ciampi to the most significant initiatives of the Foundation. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella recalled Carlo Azeglio Ciampi stating: "The Italian Republic, on the centenary of his birth, pays tribute to his figure as a citizen who has placed his skills, his ideals, his passion, at the service of democracy and the Constitution, deserving esteem and gratitude. The cohesion and unity of the country, the drive for the union of Europe, were the permanent guidelines of his action, in every role he covered, in the most delicate passages and even in the moments of greatest difficulty that he had to face. He was animated by his profound confidence in the values ​​of our country's civilization and in his ability to take the most far-sighted decisions, overcoming the most demanding challenges. Ciampi's determination in wanting to associate Italy with the leading group that wanted the birth of the euro still contributes to the credibility capital enjoyed by the Republic at an international level ", concluded the Head of State.
One hundred years after its birth, Rai has remembered and celebrated it with a dedicated schedule on all radio, TV and web networks and newspapers: events broadcast on the external video walls of the Museum of Peace - MAMT and which involved passersby and all those connected webinar. A memory that joins other initiatives such as the stamp issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and disseminated by the Italian Post Office, a conference in Livorno, and the docu-film “Ciampi. Bella la mi 'Livorno ”signed by Marco Guelfi and co-produced by
Rai Teche.