2019 (EN)

Present in Tunis, president Michele Capasso attended the inauguration speech of newly elected president of Tunisia, Kais Saied.
"I appreciated the reference to competence and not to political affiliation - says Capasso - as a criterion for the choice of the new Ministers and, in general, of those responsible for public affairs".
Kais Saied was elected president of the Republic of Tunisia with 72.7% of preferences on September 13th. A few minutes after the seats were closed and the first exit polls were released, thousands of people went down the streets of Tunis, which spilled out onto the Bourguiba Avenue between carousels of cars and flags. On the street symbol of the capital and of the 2011 revolution, the festivities continued until late at night. A trans-generational and cultural gathering that reminded many of the participants of the climate of the jasmine revolution.
«Today you gave a lesson to the whole world. It is a revolution in a new form: a revolution within the constitutional framework, legitimized by the constitution, "said Saied in his first statement as president, adding that Tunisia" has opened a new page in its history "in which" relations within the country must be based on trust and responsibility ".
The primary objective, the new president concludes, is "to restore trust between governors and governed, operating within the framework of the constitution and competence".