2019 (EN)

Ministers, delegates, intellectuals and representatives of civil society from various Euro-Mediterranean countries have signed the Appeal for the protection of the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples. The requests in detail are:

  • The granting of additional buildings to the Palazzo Pierce to complete the museum system, to guarantee the safety and uniqueness of the access staircase from Via Depretis 130 and for the completion of the "Italy to be discovered" program:
  • The reunification of existing concessions with new ones.
  • The application of the recognition fee or of the gratuity.
  • The application of the equivalent duration to the portions of property granted by the Campania Region for the parts of its competence (99years).

On this occasion an Appeal was drawn up which, in addition to having been unanimously signed by all those present, will be proposed in various international forums and, in particular, in the museum's partner countries.
The subscribers have appointed the legal representative of the implementing body - the Fondazione Mediterraneo - to send a copy of the appeal to the ministers Franceschini and Gualtieri and to the president of the Campania Region De Luca.