2019 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT have joined the Accessible Naples Route, inaugurating the first mobility station on an "accessible" certified circuit for tourist use in Naples, even for people with reduced mobility.
The visitor of the Museum of Peace - MAMT will thus be able to live emotionally Naples both through the multimedia contents of the Museum, also declared "Emotional Heritage" of Humanity, and comfortably along, on an emoby scooter, the Accessible Naples route by touching the main points of cultural attraction, museum, monumental and enjoying the sounds, colors and flavors of a city full of emotions.
TOURINGO has chosen Naples for the realization of the first accessible tourism infrastructure route with automated 4.0 stations that provide emoby scooters, first class health devices, to support pedestrian traffic in all indoor and outdoor areas. The circuits are already planned in the most beautiful and evocative artistic, monumental and tourist places of our country starting from the city of Florence where this initiative will come to light by the end of July.