2019 (EN)

Pope Francis received the volume Nostro Mare Nostro donated by president Michele Capasso.
The Pope wanted to share the gift received with the section "Migrants and Refugees" directed by the Under-Secretary P. Fabio Baggio C.S. which underlined how "the foreword of the Eminent Cardinal Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, wisely highlights the commitment - first of all of life and then of narration - of the author Michele Capasso, which is inscribed in the rejection of the logic of waste and globalization of indifference, in the hope that the Mediterranean Sea can become a frontier of peace".
President Capasso thanked the Pope and said he was flattered that this appreciation took place on the eve of the Pope's trip to Naples, in which themes coherent with the thirty-year-old action that Capasso himself leads unstoppably - at the head of the Fondazione Mediterraneo - will be addressed. for the promotion of dialogue, hybridisation and peace in the Mediterranean.