2019 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Caponnetto Foundation organized the 1st Summit on the theme "The United States of Europe".
The event takes place on the occasion of the thirty-year anniversary of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and on the eve of the WORLD PEACE FORUM.
Among the speeches were those by Senator Lumia, Presidents Capasso and Calleri and by dr. Antoci.
On this occasion - in connection with 12 European countries - the problems concerning the United States of Europe were analyzed and a series of resolutions were proposed, essentially concerning the need to promote high education for the European ruling classes.
At the end of the Summit the participants went to the Churchill Room of the Peace Museum - MAMT where President Calleri read Zurich's speech on the need for the "United States of Europe".
President Capasso underlined the commitment of the Fondazione Mediterraneo on the same issue since 1989 and the timeliness of the manifesto presented on that occasion.
The event was held in collaboration with the "Maison des Alliances" and the "Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation".