2019 (EN)

An important day at the Museum of Peace - MAMT to remember Giovanni Falcone on the 80th anniversary of his birth.
Many participants and testimonies: among these, those of General Pasquale Angelosanto, commander of the Carabinieri - ROS; of the parliamentarians Giuseppe Lumìa, Mario Giarrusso, Piera Aiello; of the magistrates Catello Maresca and Cesare Sirignano; of journalists Francesco Borrelli and Dania Mondini; of the president of the Caponnetto Foundation Salvatore Calleri and of Nilla Manzi Tavazza, Annella Prisco, Giuseppe Antoci and many others.
Many school students have retraced the main stages of Giovanni Falcone's life through the emotional paths and videos kept in the Museum.
The "Federazione Anna Lindh Italia Onlus " joined the day with the participation of multiple members.