2019 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo present today in various squares of Italy and Europe alongside young people for DEFENSE OF THE PLANET.
In 1989, when the Mediterranean Foundation was born, it alerted people to climate change and to the irreparable consequences for the planet and the earth.
In the same way he warned about the problems of the Mediterranean, about migrants, about wars.
At that time no one seemed to deal with these issues and all of us were considered "visionaries".
Today was a day full of hope.
After the "match" launched by Greta Thunberg - standard bearer of an international battle to protect the environment with entire masses of young people ready to follow it - a "good fire" seems to invade the planet: that of many young people determined not to leave the Earth in hand to unconscious and irresponsible adults.
Climate change and the consequences it brings with it are among the most accessed and discussed issues by public opinion.
The Mediterranean Foundation with the Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation supported the students who took to the streets today in many cities: a world strike to open consciences to facts and to the planet that suffers human negligence.
S.O.S: the planet needs the help of all US: crazy climate, melting glaciers, temperatures above the seasonal norm, droughts are just some consequences due to climate change.
As a consequence, this affects economic life, causing damage to communities, production systems and people's health.
Global warming, to be controlled needs the good deeds of each of us and certainly not of selfishness because we must look to a future that is not so far away: in many places it is already TODAY !!
"It is unthinkable to hand over to our children and grandchildren a planet that has become almost incurable: the time to act on the climate is this" said President Michele Capasso, showing the conclusions of the 1997 Mediterranean Foundation Forum where, the same sentence, reported only the conditional: "a planet that could become incurable".
Today it really is!