2017 (EN)

With the patronage of the Municipality of Naples and the Fondazione Mediterraneo, the association SELF (Secondigliano Libro Festival) has organized a meeting on the relationship between Neapolitans, yesterday and today, with the sea: all through the stories of eight writers who love the city.
On thisoccasion, the book "IL MARE BAGNA ANCORA NAPOLI" and the docufoto of Barbara Di Donato "Dall’alba al tramonto sempre Napul' è" werebothpresented.
Participants included Michele Capasso (presuident of FM), Alessandra Clemente (councillor for young people in the Municipality of Naples), Donatella Trotta (journalist and writer), Ottavio Lucarelli (President of the Order of journalists in Campania), Salvatore Testa (president of the SeLF).
President Lucarelli recalled Michele Capasso's long civil commitment and thanked him for his dedication and for hosting training courses for journalists in recent weeks.