2017 (EN)

Continue at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples the review "The Museums today: issues of protection, conservation, education and management": a series of meetings in memory of Gerardo Marotta by the Institute of Art History of the same Academy , coordinated by Viviana Farina.
The professors of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples assist the speakers by animating the dialogue on the topics covered: on this occasion the proff. Michele Capasso (President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace) and Massimo Pica Ciamarra (Coordinator of the project of the Foundation "The cities of dialogue").
The topics covered (with videos and multimedia documents) were: The Museum of Peace - MAMT: emotions for young producers of the future and what future for the city of dialogue.Present at the meeting the director of the Museum of Peace - MAMT Pia Molinari.The works were introduced by the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts prof. Giuseppe Gaeta.On this occasion the prof. Michele Capasso recalled the affectionate bond with the lawyer. Marotta and her appreciation for the nascent Peace Museum - MAMT.