2017 (EN)

An initiative open to the city and to all those who wanted to be there: this is the sense of "Have twenty years in the South: the reasons to stay and return", the initiative promoted by il Mattino and hosted by the Mercadante theatre in Naples.
Acts of tension before the conference begins. Twenty or so protesters attempted to break through the security lines of the security forces, protesting against government reforms, from the Jobs Act to the Good School, to the cry of "away from Naples".
Security reasons then suggested postponing the next visit to the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT, which is located a hundred meters from the Theatre Mercadante.
Three working sessions: the first was led by the President of the Council Paolo Gentiloni, the Mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris, the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, the Rector of Federico II Gaetano Manfredi, the Presidents of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia, the CNR Massimo Inguscio and Svimez Adriano Giannola, the economists Roberto Perotti and Gianfranco Viesti, the philosopher and the editorial officer. The second session was introduced by the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda with discussions by Marco Bentivogli (Secretary General Fim Cisl), Felice Delle Femine (Director General Bcp), startupper Adriano Farano, economist Oscar Giannino, Claudio Gubitosi, Director Giffoni Film Festival, Francesco Guido, Director General Banco di Napoli, philosopher Aldo Masullo, president of Greta group Marco Zigon, and supervisor of Digita Academy of Federico II Antonio Pescapè.
At 14.00.30th session with the report by Claudio De Vincenti, Minister of the Mezzogiorno, followed by the speeches of Morning columnist Massimo Adinolfi, Dorina Bianchi for Ap, Mara Carfagna for Forza Italia, Maria Chiara Carrozza for the PD, Stefano Fassina for the sinistra italiana and Roberto Fico for the movimento cinque stelle, as well as the editorialist of il mattino Isaia Sales. During the sessions, live videos and testimonies of young people from the south who live on their own skin about the uncertainty of the future from students, graduates or unemployed.
President Michele Capasso expressed his appreciation for the initiative of "IL MATTINO", hoping that the focus on youth will never go out: on this the Fondazione Mediterraneo has been committed for 25 years and will always be committed, to give young people hope and future.