2017 (EN)

(Mena) Rome, Nov. 24. We express our deep solidarity with Egypt for the terrorist attack on the Egyptian mosque in Bir al-Abed, west of the city of Arish, in the North Sinai region, which killed more than 300 people. The battle against terrorism knows no borders and we will never backtrack in the fight against extremism.
Thus, in a note, the "Federazione Anna Lindh Italia Onlus": an association of Italian civil society organisations that today reaches its 1,000 members and that operates as part of the Italian Network of the "Anna Lindh Foundation" sharing its objectives and statutory aims.
"We learned the news when the accession procedures of the 1,000 members were completed. The fight against terrorism is, today more than ever, certainly the main mission of the United Nations, but we must aim for joint work at an international level, involving the cooperation of everyone, especially civil society players who have been engaged for decades in the dialogue between cultures and civilisations. It is essential, in tragic times like these, to clearly separate Islamic culture and religion from the extremism and fundamentalism of these murderers preachers of hatred and to continue to work together with moderate Muslim friends who follow the path of peace and mutual respect ".