2017 (EN)

The International Seminar on this theme was held at the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo: “THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE MEDITERRANEAN ON THE DEBATES ON THE FUTURE OF THE EU, COHESION AND MULTILEVEL COOPERATION IN THE HOLLOW”.
Representatives of the 60 IMC - CPMR member regions, representatives of the main European programmes for the Mediterranean, MEPs and representatives of the institutions took part (see programme for details).
An important event - said President Michele Capasso - that confirms the role of the Fondazione Mediterraneo as hub of the main European programmes and the main Mediterranean Euro institutions ".
The President of the IMC - CPMR Apostolos Katsifaras said:
The Fondazione Mediterraneo is of great importance and of particular value, contributing masterfully to the promotion of Mediterranean civilization; I would like to invite the members of our Conference and the friends participating in this international seminar to seek out the elements and meaning of Mediterranean civilization, taking this opportunity to see the history and the weight that brings this place ".