2017 (EN)

The Foundation with the Museum of Peace - MAMT hosted the training course of the Order of Journalists of Campania with the theme "THE FUTURE FOR NEW FEEDERS, EVOLUTION OF THE DAYNALISTIC PROFESSION, THE IMPACT OF SHARED ECONOMY".
Among the speakers were Massimo Lo Cicero - University Professor, Massimiliano Musto - Director of Kompetere Journal, Massimo Deandrels - General Manager of SRM, Domenico Falco - Vice President O. D. G Campania and Giovanni A. Forte - Sociologist.
In his closing speech, President Michele Capasso announced the next programme "KIMYYA", on the role of women in the media for peace and dialogue, and the awarding of the "Mediterranean Information Award 2017" to Francesco Giorgino and Lucia Goracci.
Capasso stressed the need to give back to information and media a "positive" dimension in order to avoid that the enormous amount of tragic news can definitively affect young people, destroying hope for their future.