2017 (EN)

In recent weeks, the subject of Scampia Sails has strongly returned to the centre of the debate and of the interest of the citizens, also after the financing for the implementation of the RE-START Scampia project.
Overall strategies and visions for the recovery of the northern suburbs of Naples, in fact the geographical and potentially functional centre of the newly born Metropolitan city, require a comparison with models of social and cultural development that, cascade, can determine the strategies of transformation and recovery of the physical body of the city.
Also for these reasons, the Order of Architects Planners, Landscapes and Conservators of the Province of Naples decided to dedicate the conference to the theme "Periphery of Common Good" to the Museum of Peace - MAMT on the occasion of the ceremony for the proclamation of the Order's Senators.
On this occasion the President Michele Capasso - present, among others, the councillor to the municipality of Naples Carmine Piscopo and the president of the Municipality of Scampia Apostolos Palpais - proposed the Museum of Peace as a place of promotion of Scampia and the positive that exists in the neighborhood, as a symbol of the transformation in progress.