2017 (EN)

Preceded by the press conference of March 12,2017, the second final stage of LEB-SARD FESTIVAL took place in Iglesias: the initiative supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, which sees the participation of members of Lebanese and Italian networks in a festival where music is the "bridge" for dialogue between different cultures.
LEB-SARD Festival is a cross-border cooperation project, funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation, aimed at supporting and promoting cooperation and dialogue between the peoples of the Mediterranean as well as contributing to the creation and distribution of an artistic project in which MUSICA is conceived as an instrument of cultural dialogue between different peoples. It involves Sardinia and Lebanon and is based on the creation and dissemination of artistic and cultural productions resulting from the contamination between the two different cultures.
The project lasted for a total of one year and the leader is the Lebanese producer house "Zico House". It has been realized thanks to the partnership with the Cultural Association Anton Stadler of Iglesias, the Municipality of Iglesiase the association "Open med": members of the Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation.
LEB - SARD Festival was divided into two main events: on May 1,2017 in Beirut, at the church of Saint Louis and on May 20,2017 in Iglesias, at the Monteponi Mine, where a show aimed at the sharing and interpenetration between two cultures of the Euro-Mediterranean area was held, which involved two important artists: Hiba Al Kawas, soprano and composer (LIBANO).
President Michele Capasso, leader of the Italian Network and one of the supporters of the project, stressed the importance of the initiative and the selected locations, in particular the mine of Monteponi with its charge of "memoirs".
This initiative - stressed Capasso - contributes to the diffusion of music as a means of socio-economic development for the enhancement of peripheral places, highlighting the cultural heritage of both societies and giving visibility to the role of young people: the involvement of 70 students of the Rafic Hariri Foundation Choir in Lebanon and the Conservatory of Cagliari testifies to the importance of this initiative for young people who, through musical contamination, become "hunters of positive".