2017 (EN)

During the visit with the Albanian boys in the BUNKART, the place where the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha is witnessed that has overshadowed Albania from the rest of the world for over a quarter of a century, the president Michele Capasso left a dedication in the guest book a letter in which he retraces the history of Albania and in particular the period under the leadership of the dictator who died at 85 years after admitting the lives of millions of Albanians, killing or imprisoning those who opposed his political design.
"An old Albanian - wrote Capasso - tells me that after 30 years of flattening you do not know what you lose and in the end you do not even miss it: Albania was like a stagnant lake whose stench became a habit of life, stagnant and flat like that lake .... ". At the foot of the mountain Daiti, in the crash-bomb bunker that, together with another 700,000 (one every 3 Albanians: a real madness!) Had to protect the dictator and all from external assaults, today there is an air of freedom and trust: that freedom that young people of 15-16 years shout out loud that dark periods of history are no longer repeated.
They are the clean river that will flood the lake a stagnant time with a flow that will reach the sea: the sea of ​​freedom!