2017 (EN)

A warm day of only 25 April, in a splendid natural setting such as the hermitage of San Biagio a Subiaco in the house of the Salesians of Don Bosco, was a splendid setting for the inter-religious dialogue on peace. Christian Buddhist and Hindu Muslim Jews gathered under the same roof. It was a day strongly desired and organized by this small community of San Biagio with the intelligent and generous collaboration of Stefania Terracciano and others, like her, lively Sanbiagini.
In the sudden spring explosion of "though born" leaflets and a jubilation of flowers, warmly welcomed by the local superior Sister Maria Letizia Gatti, Marco Cassuto Morselli, representative of the Jewish Community, Fatima Mohammad for the Muslims, Roberto Aushin Coslovi for the Buddhists and an envoy for the Hindus, as well as an envoy for the Hindus.
Peace "video clip, with the text music by Alessandro Docchi (Sanbiagino musician) creates the meditation: climate suitable to start the meeting.
Sister Maria Pia Giudici, representing the Christian religion, focused her work on a guiding idea of the meeting:"The path of truth of goodness and beauty can be identified as a way of the Spirit of God for every man of good will".