2017 (EN)

The "Med Festival Experience" takes place in Gaeta: a kermis dedicated to the field of boating, shipbuilding, logistics and harbour management promoted by the association Imprese Oggi, Consorzio Consormare del Golfo in collaboration with the Italian Confederation for Economic Development, COSIND - Consorzio per lo Sviluppo Industriale del Sud Pontino, and ASI - Consorzio per l' Area di Sviluppo Industriale della provincia di Napoli, with the sponsorship - among others - of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
From Saturday 22nd April to Monday 1st May a real nautical village is set up: a rich calendar of events organized not only for insiders but also for simple lovers of the sea.
Over a week of events: not only exhibitions of the country's best sailing and shipbuilding shipyards, but also meetings, debates and entertainment with art exhibitions, live music and fashion.
An event that was created with the aim of promoting a very important supply chain for Gaeta and for the whole of South Pontine, relaunching a market that through the Mediterranean can enrich and intensify exchanges not only from an economic point of view, but above all from a cultural one.
The European Parliament President Antonio Tajani spoke at the inaugural ceremony.The European Parliament President Antonio Tajani spoke at the inaugural ceremony.