2017 (EN)

From San Luca, a small village on the slopes of Aspromonte, a message of hope starts in the battle for legality and against crime with the initiative "In campo per il futuro", which represents the epilogue of an intense activity in schools in the province of Reggio Emilia continued throughout the year with meetings between students and magistrates and which took shape with the inauguration of the new stadium in the country. A symbolic gesture, of course, that represents a very precise signal, says undersecretary Boschi:"The state and the institutions are there, here in San Luca, and everywhere. There are no territories in which the State renounces to exist and to fight a battle of legality against the' ndrangheta".
A message that was taken up and repeated almost in chorus by all those who took part in the debate at a school in San Luca, which was a prologue to the inauguration of the football pitch with the match between the national singers and the magistrates (for the record won by the singers 4-3): to speak were the vice president of Csm Giovanni Legnini, the national anti-mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti, the secretary of Cei Nunzio Galantino, the prosecutors of Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro Federico Cafiero de Raho and Nicola Gratteri. Everyone agrees in emphasizing the constant presence of the team-state on the territory but also the need for collaboration of the population. "We are here today - it was the message to the boys - to say that things can change, even in San Luca. We want to build a different country, but to do so we need you.
Many representatives of the "Federation Anna Lindh Italy" participants. President Capasso emphasized the role played by OMCOM (the Mediterranean Observatory on organized crime and mafias set up by the Caponnetto Foundation) and the message of Nino Caponnetto, which underlined that "the mafia is more about culture than justice". Hence the important role of schools in helping young people to fight the mafias,"cancer that corrodes the future".