2017 (EN)

On 21 March, the first day of spring, the Museum of Peace - MAMT celebrated with videos, performances and meetings the "Day of Memory and Legality" to commemorate the innocent victims of the mafias, hoping that the awakening of nature will awaken to the desire for truth and social justice.
The Free Association has been celebrating this day since 1996, every year in a different city, reading the names of all innocent victims: from this year, the Museum of Peace - MAMT has been running through 107 large videowalls the names of all victims to NOT DIMENTICATE.
There are widows, children without fathers, mothers and brothers. There are the relatives of the known victims, those whose name immediately evokes a strong emotion. And there are the relatives of the victims whose name says little or nothing. That is why it is a civil duty to remind them all. To always remember that to those names and their families we owe the dignity of Italy as a whole ".
Today, more than ever, there are other victims of illegality, the people who bear the brunt of the daily latrocini perpetrated by a ruling class that at all levels steals and legislates for their own use and consumption, indifferent to the fate of many citizens who live the worst social mortifications, marginalisation, the lack of a present and, above all, the absence of a future.
We must react now if we want to guarantee our children a future worthy of living.