2017 (EN)

Don Peppe Diana was remembered 23 years after the barbaric assassination with a series of events in the Museum of Peace - MAMT where there is a permanent section dedicated to him.
Don Peppe Diana was killed by the Camorra on March 19,1994 in his church in Casal di Principe, while he was about to celebrate mass. The murderers did not content themselves with chilling him, they also wanted to burn his body with further shots of gun at the lower abdomen to falsely indicate a sexual motive and thus try to prevent it from becoming the symbol of the ransom of a people harassed by organized crime. A largely successful operation in fact, if it took 21 years for the diocese of Aversa to decide to ask the Holy See to initiate the cause of beatification that must recognize the martyrdom of Don Peppe.
The reasons for which the parish priest of Casal di Principe was killed came to light in the trial that condemned his murders, but only in the second degree and then in the Supreme Court, when the judges overturned the sentence of first degree and ruled against the hypothesis of custody by the parish priest of weapons, a fact that had triggered the mud machine against Don Diana, making the image of a priest close to the people prevail.
According to the reconstruction of Fr Diana, Father Diana refused to celebrate the funeral in church of a criminal, and this gesture was considered too hard to bear.
Three days later the grandson of the dead, in fact, entered the sacristy and fired at the priest.
Don Diana pursued the obstinate defence of his boys exposed to the evil of corruption and delinquency. And the spiritual testament "For the love of my people I will not silence" is a manifesto that commits not to remain silent in the face of "any ambiguous compromise or unjust privilege".