2016 (EN)

The president Michele Capasso took part in the seminar organized by the Order of Architects of Naples and the Foundation of the same name on the theme "Urban suburbs: a challenge possible". With a report on "Intercultural City and Relationships", President Capasso addressed issues related to the city's crisis and the need to think of new models that see the relationships between different cultures at the center of the process of transforming cities and suburbs. The seminar - moderated by the journalist Marco de Marco - saw, among others, the Interventions of Pio Crispino, Gennaro Polichetti, Carmine Piscopo, Antonio Coppola, Francesco Scardaccione, Micheleangelo Russo, Rosario Pavia, Mariano Faraone Mennella, Luca Zevi and Maurizio Di Stefano.