2016 (EN)

As part of the actions planned in Step 7 of the Anna Lindh Foundation for National Networks, a session of activity devoted to the development of capacity and cooperation within and outside the network was held.
There were 48 members - of which 44 were members of the "Anna Lindh Italia Federation", 2 members of the RIDE and 2 of the Italian Network alone - from various Italian regions who presented 30 projects with examples of good practice, some of which were funded by the Foundation Anna Lindh through a special call of proposal.
At the end of the work, divided into two groups, the members defined future strategies and programs and also adopted the priority action of the "Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation" on the topic "The Intercultural City". members' potential and examples of good practice that this action intends to collect, in particular with regard to "Relational Spaces in Cities", "Intelligent Bioterrorism", "Recovering Territorial Identities", "Good Practice Laboratories "Youth Education in Peace", "Education of the Youth of Peace", "Education for the Religion of the Other (Reforming Education)," Retention and Training on Old Trades " , "Training of migrants and their integration into societies", promotion of "active and responsible Citizenship", "Conflict Management" Non-formal education ", support for" Youth as a tool for dialogue in cities ", promotion of a" positive media literacy in cities ", the development of" Youth Entrepreneurship and Immigrants ", the enhancement of" Women "creative and solidarity enterprise", the promotion of the "Bank of Time and the Warmth of Reception", "Sustainable Publishing", the establishment of the "41st Councilor" for the representative of immigrant communities, identification of a city "Intercultural capital of young people" (at regional, national and mediterranean level) with a process identical to that for European Capital of Culture. "
This project was proposed to the "Maltese Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation", represented during the Assembly by the head of the lawyer, avv. Cynthia Tomasuolo, who shared the proposal, securing the support of the Government of Malta during its forthcoming European Council presidency.