2016 (EN)

FM Chairman Michele Capasso attended the meeting "The Long Night of Aleppo" organized by the Immaculate Conception Parish in Capodichino and his pastor Don Doriano.
An intense, real, exciting encounter in which UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura has spoken by telephone of the enormity of this war: the most atrocious of his long experience.
Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, vicar general and parish priest of Aleppo's Latin community, in telling in detail the daily life of Aleppo and the imminent tragedy of the innocent civilian people, has brought the discourse on the truth and the need to open light and joy a world of death and destruction.
Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Enzo Amendola has rightly stated the severity of Syrian President Assad's action is continuing to bomb and kill his "people" without pity.
At the end of the meeting President Capasso, a longtime friend of Father Ibrahim, and reduced from some solidarity trips to Aleppo, "exchanged" - such as gifts and testimonies of two lives for peace and the common good - his book " Our Sea Our "with that of Father Ibrahim titled" An instant before dawn "with the dedication" To the dear Michele as a sign of profound communion ".