2016 (EN)

Before the official meeting of the leader of the national networks ALF, an informal self-managed meeting was held by the leader who took note of the general state of distress-highlighted also by the desired failure to participate in some of them at the Forum of Malta-for the non-involvement of networks in the preparation of the Forum itself and a modest participation of the members of the networks at the event.
In addition to this, a lack of communication has been highlighted between the Alexandria Secretariat and the national networks, recalling the urgent need to revise the rules, role and functioning of the Anna LINDH Foundation and its networks, establishing whether to strengthen the role Centralist of the Fondazione Anna Lindh or the networks of the 42 countries, as foreseen in the Statute of the ALF.
The participants approved the generous proposal of President Capasso-shared also by President Guigou the previous evening during the meeting with the leader-to host in Naples next February 2017 an "ad hoc" meeting of the leader in order to To redefine the role of national networks within the ALF, referring to further exchanges by mail the detailed organisation of this meeting, considering the importance that the same holds.